Hire us to find a unique domain name
for your new business.
We have experience in finding great premium names. Many names are now taken, so new businesses need to be more creative to find a domain name that will fit their business. We can help!

Our Process


analyze your idea, identify the main keywords and alternate keywords you could use for your website.


Identify alternate domains that could not be used.

find competitors

Find competitors and analyze their naming structure and keyword usage.


Provide a minimum of 20 names that could be used for your new idea..


Search unregistered combinations that would be available for purchase immediately.


Review, refine, and seek out additional names as needed.

find domains

Find domains that may be available at a premium.


Produce one mock-up design showing the possible design of the new website you chose.

$199 for the first accepted domain (you choose if you want to accept a domain and have it registered). Additional $30 for each additional domain that you register from our suggestions. If you don’t feel like the names that we provided you are valuable, let us know and we’ll refund your entire fee. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I Buy a good domain name?
– It helps you build your brand.

– It improves the credibility of your brand.

– It adds mobility to your internet presence.

– It helps you in SEO ranking.

Why buy from Lean Names?
– Top quality domain names.

– Transactions are always secure.

– Great customer service.

– Reasonable prices.

let’s find you that perfect domain name!